Let’s Do a Fun Couples Shoot! Like Blair and Martin!

Sep 13, 2020

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Covid got ya down? We get it! What a strange time to navigate- for everyone in their own way. But just because everything is kinda sorta all of the place, doesn’t mean you can’t strive to create normalcy or really delve into the things that we CAN do (ever heard that saying about controlling what you can control and not what you can’t?). So, maybe you can’t have your dream wedding (right now)? But you still CAN celebrate your love with a couples session.

Take Blair and Martin, for example. They had this beautiful wedding planned with all their family from out of town. I have no doubt it would have been spectacular, a day filled with love, and an absolute pleasure to photograph. But then… COVID. 

So here’s where I come in. Since we can’t have that special day in that special way, lets create something else special! I like to sit down face to face with my clients (or right now on FaceTime…) and chat about some of the things that make them unique. What hobbies do they have? Surfing? Hiking? Coffee shop explorers? What are some of their special places? The desert (obvs this is mine!)? The beach (a close second for me!)? Balboa Park? San Diego has so many amazing locations, and widening that circle to California allows for some really fun trips. From this chat we come up with The Who, what, where, when and why. By doing this together the couple is getting something personalized and really showcases their love. I am trying to do more adventurous ideas- like an upcoming snorkel session (eek! Exciting- stay tuned for more on this!). 

Working with you and piecing together your shoot is what I live for. My job is to capture the essence of your relationship, your love. And let me tell you, I LOVE my job!

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