Darryn & Vinces California Sunset Surf Session

Oct 22, 2019

When I first got the Inquiry from Darryn and Vince I immediately wanted to work with them. There was just something about the two of them that just vibe well. They wanted to do a couples shoot just because. I met up with them for a beer and we chatted about there session and life in general for a good two hours.

Darryn and Vince have been together since 2011, and it shows, These two are so in tune with each other and extremely supportive of the other. We talked about what we wanted to do for a photoshoot, Darryn wanted to involve the ocean and surfing since that’s Vince’s passion.

In the middle of my busiest time of year, we set up this shoot. It was the stuff dreams are made of. The day was absolutely perfect, the most beautiful San Diego day, we made our way down to this secret little beach watched the waves drank some beers and dances the day away as the sun went down. This was my favorite shoot of the year!

From the couple “Neither of us have family here (he’s born and raised in San Diego aside from being born in the Philippines) so I think another thing is just the foundation we’ve built together, just the two of us with both of our families on the East Coast! When I moved to San Diego’s Vince and I worked together and became close friends, and after two years of being besties, we finally knew we were in love with one another and have been together ever since! We are extremely opposite of one another, but we have immense respect for one another and support one another’s endeavors and hobbies even though we don’t get to share those moments together. Our hobbies do cross paths when we go off-roading, camping, and travel. We do adore food, good beer, and wine, too!”

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  1. Christine says:

    I freaking love everything about this!!!! Love her style so much!

  2. Amy says:

    Her smile is so radiant, this is such a fun couples session and I love those beachy vibes!!

  3. The surfboard photos are so cute. I love how you captured them totally in their element. You can tell they were super comfortable because of it. Great job!

  4. Just when I thought I was excited for fall, these photos have got me craving summer! You did such a good job of capturing that feeling–the warm sand, cold beers and sand between the toes. Love love love!

  5. Aimee Flynn says:

    Oh man, these are so great! This is such a fun take on a beach session, really lovely work.

  6. Sydney says:

    What a fun session, you captured their personalities perfectly!!

  7. Traci says:

    the California coast is always so dreamy!

  8. Naomi Levit says:

    Yesss this session was so fun! Love it!

  9. Brittany Johnson says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! So much fun!! I cant Get over that amazing light and your tones.

  10. Magdalena Głowacka says:

    Wow, I don’t often see couple surfing shoots on the beach. I wish I could see more photos like that! great work!

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