Jenny & Manny’s Las Vegas Elopement

Mar 20, 2020

When your best friend asks you to come to Las Vegas and be part of her wedding day as well as shoot it, you say yes! Jenny is my best friend I met her in middle school and begrudgingly she finally agreed to be my friend. Oh, I was annoying and had no friends haha. However, I’m sure her hesitation of being anywhere near me fell off pretty quickly because we soon became fast friends. We spent the next 4-5 years sneaking out of our homes, Meeting boys, Ditching school for hot chocolate runs and driving down the main street. We lived in a small town.

When we were 19 Jenny married her first husband and had two beautiful babies. But it wasn’t until she met Manny just a few short years ago that I have seen her truly happy.

I drove My bootie down to my home town of ST. George UT dropped my munchkin off with my momma and drove to Vegas to photograph my best friends Elopement.

Who wants to hear a funny story. I have only ever seen Manny with super long hair. When I got to the Palazzo I hoped in the elevator and next to me stood a man with a flan (chuckles at rhyme) we rode up a few floors when the man with a flan spoke, Sara? confused I looked over, Manny? I said. We rode the rest of the way up together. and Now as I am recalling this I do believe it was not a Flan but a tre’s leches .

When we got to the hotel suite at the Palazzo Manny said goodbye to go get ready in his own room. I would find him again soon to take his getting ready photos. I shot with Jenny for a while and then went to head to find Manny, I was given a room number as well as Manny’s underwear because he forgot to take it. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to the Venetian or the Palazzo so let me explain There are two towers the Venetian and the palazzo Jennys room was in the Palazzo and I was told manny was in the Venetian, now to get from one tower to the other you can walk through “the Canals” or in my case get completely lost have no cell service break down almost in tears to a security guard and fail miserably at getting the groom his underwear. Finally, my phone had some services I had missed a ton of calls telling me that Manny was actually not in the tower we thought and I had the wrong room number.

I finally found Manny after what felt like hours, This Non-traditional Las Vegas ceremony commenced. Jenny and Manny said I do next to her two kids in the suit of the hotel overlooking all of Vegas. Jenny was dazzling in her red wedding dress that was just so her. Manny had so much love in his eyes for his new family.

After the ceremony we ate tacos with family drank champagne ate some Flan Or was it Tre’s leches and with that the three of us took of on our own adventure down the strip to create what is now some of my favorite wedding portraits. Being able to photograph moments like these for my friends, neigh family is such an amazingly rewarding feeling. Photographing wedding portraits on the las Vegas strip was a Crazy adventure and I loved all of it. Enjoy!

  1. Brianna says:

    Wow! I love how unique her dress is. You captured this so beautifully!

  2. silvia says:

    Such a fun gallery! SO emotional and happy!

  3. Deanna says:

    Their intimate Las Vegas wedding looks like so much fun! You definitely captured the real them, That bouncing around with a champagne bottle is amazing. Really great work!

  4. Lucy says:

    This is the cutest thing! I love how chill they are. And the red wedding dress! Photographing friends’ weddings is the best. 🙂

  5. Lauren McCormick Photography says:

    This is SO beautiful. I got chills when I saw the photo of her holding her daughters hand during the ceremony… so so precious! I also love that she chose to wear red, and love when couples make their wedding day their own! Amazing work!

  6. Afton Flynn says:

    Okay these photos are so awesome and the couple look like so much fun! Who says Las Vegas elopements are cliche? This just makes me want to elope on the strip!

  7. Oh my gosh, obsessed with this Las Vegas elopement! I love how she wore a red dress!

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