Tanmai & Rohit’s California Portrait Session

Apr 13, 2021

desertbornstudios- ENgagment session- Newpot beach_-173_websize.jpg

Tanmai and Rohit did something pretty cool, and its becoming more and more common. We started at this lush botanical garden and then raced to the sunset for that golden hour. They had wedding portraits a few weeks after their wedding. They even brought that adorable “just married” banner. As more and more people are getting eloped or having small courthouse weddings, they are booking me in for a portrait session later. It’s a great option for couples who are on a tight budget but still want stunning wedding photographs. Do the courthouse thing, and then a full session (with wedding clothes and you could even hire hair and make up vendors etc).

Something else that is emerging from this, is the creativity with what to wear. Nontraditional outfits are creeping up and it is oh so fun! Short dresses, or red dresses like Tanmai, or black dresses (blog post to come on one of my eloped couples with a black lace wedding dress).

Loving all the creativity and optimism from my couples. I mean a pandemic, a global frickin pandemic, threw a wrench in their wedding plans but it didn’t stop them. It just sparked new ideas- whether that be the microweddings, cute masks, non traditional options. Me and my couples are just over here making all the lemonade from these Covid lemons!! So hit me up- to book that portrait session, or any other out there idea. I am all in for different, wacky, adventurous (you know me!), and let’s make some fantastic stuff happen together!

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