Tommy and Wyatt’s Remarkable Garden Wedding

Aug 21, 2020


Oh Tommy and Wyatt! Where to begin?! I get to meet and interact with most of my couples before their big day, whether is it for an engagement shoot or an arranged meeting- but not these two. I literally knew nothing about them when I arrived on their special day- except that they were madly in love and had impeccable taste based on their venue choice. These two chose to tie the knot at Eden Gardens in Moorpark in Los Angeles. Wow! The venue alone took my breath away- I mean who doesn’t want to get married in such a luscious, elegant and wonderfully simple place? 

Upon my arrival, I immediately (as if in a fairytale like Cinderella) was changed into Sara: random photographer who they’ve never met, into Sara: best friend photographer who was basically family and they’ve known forever. Viola! Just like that- it was magical. I was welcomed with the biggest open arms. The energy that both surrounded this couple and was produced by them was so pure!

From start to finish this wedding was one for the books- or the blog! From the sweetest ceremony (complete with bubbles), to the epic dancing (including Wyatt smashing his face doing the worm), to the stunning couples portraits (with all the plants which I simply could not get enough of), this wedding was oh so much fun and so full of love. Tommy and Wyatt have this wonderful and contagious attitude towards life that even a bloody nose on their wedding day wouldn’t bring them down!

I am ever so grateful for Tommy and Wyatt for letting me be a part of their perfect day, entering their special space and extending their family to include me. Although it’s been almost a year since they tied the knot, I can recall the day as if it were yesterday. I get to see snippets of their life through instagram photos- like how they are now new daddies to two beautiful pups!

Also side note, but definitely worth mentioned, I cried about three times at this wedding! (Quite tricky for a photographer to have blurry vision, but the emotion and love was so strong- and the pictures came out beautifully- I think I even managed to capture Tommy’ infectious laugh, you can almost hear it through the picture!)

  1. Alycia says:

    These are the absolute sweetest! You did such a fabulous job.

  2. Oh wow! This is such a beautiful garden wedding. You are so talented. Capturing the details of the venue, the emotions in the portrait, the mood, everything. Love is love <3

  3. wow! What a location! what a beautiful wedding and photos. Simply perfect.

  4. Traci Edwards says:

    This is such a cute wedding!

  5. Justyna says:

    oh my goodness…I’m obsessed with the garden glory and these two love birds!!!

  6. The joy on their faces is incredible! What a sweet wedding day you captured.

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