Emily and John’s Exquisite Elopement in Joshua Tree

Jun 3, 2021


Emily and John were our second couple to book our all inclusive desert elopement package. Such a sweet deal! If you’ve been keeping up on the blog and instagram, you’ll know that (surprisingly) there are some really awesome things which have come from this Covid thing, whether that is micro weddings or nontraditional wedding practices. Well, now we have one more thing to add to the list- eloping! It’s the perfect solution if you want a smaller, intimate wedding. Or if you just aren’t a planner or don’t have the time- we do all the work, you just show up with your dress and your suit. We gathered a group of super talented people (check out below to see these fabulous vendors) and brought this incredible opportunity together. This all inclusive package includes: the location in Joshua Tree, photographer, videographer, hair, make up, florals and decor, and an officiant. Aaaand, best part is: it only costs $5,500!! Please reach out if you want any more information or have new ideas.

And some sweet words from the groom: Anyone who knows me, knows I’m late for everything. So it was quite the achievement that I was dressed and ready an hour early.  Suddenly I was stuck in a loop. I’d check that my shoes were clean, retuck my shirt, adjust my tie, check the time. This went uninterrupted until my best friend finally picked me up.
As I took my place to wait for my bride I stared forward not making eye contact with anyone.  Then our song started. I turned my head to my bride in her black wedding dress and the dam was broken. The tears flowed and my face screwed up as I saw her crossing the desert.  All of the anxiousness melted and I was filled to the brim with elation.  The only thoughts I could coherently muster were those of love, joy, and an urge to hug her.  
Our wedding wasn’t very traditional with our wooden backdrop in a desert, our rings in a tiny coffin box, her black dress, or even spending the night before together. But I know I couldn’t have been happier, after all, it was our wedding and nobody else’s.

And some loving words from the bride: I love being married, I love the love we share for each other, and I love so much how our day happened. To add to what my husband said our only requirement for our wedding was that the other was there, eloping was perfect for us. And this opportunity really did help us just being a couple and be in love. No worries. The entire day felt surreal, like I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I still can’t believe how we lucked out with such an amazing opportunity with such truly talented people. Not a day goes by where I’m not scrolling through our gallery and just at a loss of words with how perfect everything came out. There’s nothing I would change except the chance to do it all again.

And I can’t end this without mentioning the incredible people who helped bring this package together:
Video by Bree Stephan
Florals by Studio Palma
Hair by Cori Ambert
Make Up by Kendie Russel
Decor by Petra de Luna

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