Greer & Danny’s Romantic Balboa Park Engagement Session

Dec 1, 2021

We’re back baby! Apologies for the delay in getting all these blogs up. Sometimes life just gets busy- and by life I mean all these sessions we’ve been shooting back to back. But, hey, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Okay, let’s get back to it. Greer and Danny! Woo! What cuties! Like most of my couples they shared with me that they were initially feeling a little nervous and really feeling the pressure of getting the perfect shot for their Save The Dates. Here’s the thing- once we get going, everything just flows. They were NATURALS. They had this playful, carefree, light energy that just totally took over and rocked the shoot. We did so much in this shoot, covered so much ground. We started by the theatre at Balboa Park and meandered through to the botanical gardens and then outside the other museums. We made our way to the big fountain where we busted out the roller skates. And ended at the cactus garden with a glass of wine. A simply perfect afternoon. Because there was such a succession of events, it kind of felt like I really was shooting their love story. 

Also, let me take a minute to to say. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting couples. Always. But I really LOVE LOVE LOVE when we shoot couples doing their favorite things. It brings a certain authenticity and uniqueness to the session.

Stay tuned for Greer and Danny’s wedding this summer. Whether or not the roller skates will be included is still TBD (but you already know my vote is YES. I can just see it already.. Greer skating down the aisle, wedding dress and all).

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