Lucia and Cory’s Cozy Session in Mount Laguna

Jun 28, 2021

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Hi Friends! Happy Summer! June rolled around quick this year.. Or I guess I should say July already!

Lucia and Cory booked me for a session because Cory was active military and about to be deployed. This got me thinking about all the reasons to do a shoot. Obviously, there’s the big one of getting engaged- and what a reason to celebrate and remember (and look back on in a few decades so fondly). Then there are the others, like maternity, family, wedding, mini holiday shoots, and even anniversary shoots. But, oh my friends, there are so many more reasons!

The first being, that you absolutely do not need a reason at all :]

But if you do need a reason:

Consider commemorating a big life change whatever that may be (Photos capture a moment. When you look back at them emotions and smells and sounds and so much more come flooding back. So capturing around big life choices is huge!)

If you’re about to move, why not do a fun shoot in the place you called home for so long? Maybe at your favorite spot? Or in your actual home! (a few months ago I did an engagement shoot in their home. They cooked pasta, they had coffee in bed, cuddles on their couch with their kitty. We followed this with a bike ride, a brewery and a sushi picnic. It was incredibly unique and really captured them and their relationship. I also just did another session for a couple about to move across the country. They wanted to remember all these wonderful San Diego vibes!)

Right before your military partner is being deployed (like these two cuties.. or should I say three?!)

Creating a styled shoot- just as a reason to go and get dressed up

Whatever the reason may be, it is about you coming together to create something truly unique that represent you and your story.

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