Candice and Antonio’s Glowing Del Mar Engagement Session

Jul 26, 2021

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Antonio and Candice met in the days before tinder bumble- even before ride share apps were a thing.  Because of this, Candice and her friends would gather at a designated spot in Pacific Beach to ride a party bus to a club downtown. And Antonio was the one who organized all this.  So I guess you could say they met on a party bus…? 

After a year and a half of hanging out casually in the party scene, Antonio asked Candice if she wanted to go to a Padres game with some friends. Little did she know that his friends were all paired up in couples so this hangout quickly turned into their first date. He asked her out on a second date and they’ve have been inseparable ever since. These days they spend their time gardening in the yard and hanging with their pup, Noodle, rather than on a party bus, but they have just as much fun together!

Their engagement session was a beautiful one! The weather was perfect (thank you San Diego!). We were able to capture the bright light from the sun, the golden light, and then those purpley sunset colors. One location and one session- but with a couple outfit changes and the different light it was like we had several photoshoots! 

We began on the pebbles at Del Mar Beach in San Diego, California. We walked pretty far along the beach and ended up on this cliffside with a bunch of broken rocks. We just had to stop and shoot there- I just couldn’t help myself! Also, how perfect was the color of her dress with the cliffs? Love when colors work well together! (A little reminder to consider colors of your location when choosing your outfits). After the walk and rock kissing, things escalated quickly (in the best of ways), and in no time they were kissing in the waves and I was there jumping the waves to capture those beautiful moments. Following an outfit change and drying off, we walked along the water with their sweet pup, Captain Ramen Noodle, or Noodle for short. I love the contrast in these two parts- the flirty and playful, and then a calm, collected family feel.  

So looking forward to their wedding day coming up. So there will be more of these two, don’t you worry!

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