Kristen and Daniel’s Glorious Wedding at a Temecula Winery

Aug 17, 2021

Coming into this wedding, I already knew it was going to be amazing (although I didn’t realize just how amazing!), just based off their engagement session and how well we clicked initially. I knew that these two would be all in, and up for ANYTHING.

I LOVE these two humans. They are cool and quirky and so true to themselves! Every single detail of their wedding felt unique to them and done to the max! Even if it was something very standard, like the money dance, they brought the funky moves and just thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout the day! It was absolutely lovely to capture.

They chose a gorgeous venue in Temecula, California- a quaint winery called Monte De Oro. Their wedding colors included the bold crimson of his suit, but also the delicate blush of the bridesmaids dresses. Kristen also had a beautiful blush bouquet by Wild Muse Florals. They even had their wedding cake (and cupcakes!!) by Lila Cake Shop go with this theme. It came together perfectly and created a cohesive and visually appealing theme.

Wait, I need to give this suit of Dan’s another moment to shine. It was custom made for him. And it called for something EPIC. Those formal groom shots in front of the black wall are my favorite shots to date! So often a wedding focuses on a wedding dress but this one focused on both the dress and the suit. Also, Kristen, you looked like a fricken goddess! That floor length veil was to die for!

The event planners, Cross and Swan Events, saw the day through without a hitch. From the prep with make up by Jaks, to the epic dance party, and everything in-between. The ceremony itself was stunning (the weather was perfect!), and watching them exchange rings by Morgan Noelle was truly magnificent. After the ceremony, they changed their clothes and slipped on their matching wedding chucks and I knew then it was partayyy time.

As you may recall for their breathtaking engagement session in Joshua Tree, these are the two heroes who ran naked through the desert. I literally asked them as a joke at their wedding, “Hey guys! Wanna bring this thing full circle?“ And they took off running while stripping down the vineyard. It was like we all already knew it was bound to happen. It was magic, yet again.

Soo, I kinda went all out on this blog (lots of photo series) just to really show all the sillies that went into this wedding. I wanted to show you the details like their wedding shoes, but also their glowing guests. These two worked so hard to create a magical afternoon that will not be forgotten- and that work paid off!

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