Gabby & Morgan’s Outdoorsy Engagement Session in Santa Barbara

Sep 21, 2022

Gabby and Morgan have always had a love for the mountains and getting engaged in Bigfork, Montana only added to that love. Gabby grew up visiting Montana, she described it as her oasis, home away from home, and where her spirit is happiest. Visiting the mountains and adventuring together unknowingly affected their lives and relationship in more ways than one – their style, favorite pastimes, western flair, where we love to explore for those spontaneous date days… the list goes on. So when it came to location for their session the mountains seemed a clear choice. There was some pull towards the beach as well, but mountains won- the warmth of the mountains, the way the sun hits the hillsides as it sets and the way it peeks through the trees creating the most magical golden hour. And let me tell you I was happy to oblige. I am all about the travel, adventure, and exploring new places! I made the trip to the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara, and it did not disappoint. We popped over to their friends property, one that’s filled with Clydesdales & other horse friends, mixed in with your resident camel and zebra – nope, not kidding. 

The session was stunning, truly stunning. The lighting was perfect, a true sun drenched session! The golden hour was in full effect as it cast its warm light on the hillsides behind us and snuck through the big oaks that surrounded them. We ran around the property from the lake, to the polo field, over to the horse pastures, and back up to the lake for a quick dance on the dock as the sun said its final goodbye for the day. However, we didn’t stop there. The mountains were still glowing ever so slightly so we continued our time on the vast polo fields, and as Morgan spun Gabby around for one final dance of the day we were greeted by the smallest sliver of the moon- producing those dreamy blue shots that came out splendidly. 

This shoot came together so well. All three of us were so pleased with the result. Also, location location location! Gabby and Morgan really put thought into where they chose and what is important to them. The right location can tell it’s own story, can set the tone. What a treat to be able to shoot with these two lovelies- bring on the wedding!

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