Natalie & Lawrence BoHo Engagement Session in Joshua Tree

Jul 20, 2022

Oh Natalie and Lawrence, what a lovely session we had. From the midday blue skies to the after sunset glow. These two have a life motto of living spontaneously, outdoors, and surrounded by beautiful views. I have to say, that rings pretty true for Desert Born Studios too. So needless to say the shoot went wonderfully. these two met in college at UC Davis about 6 years ago and fell in love nerd-ing out over our majors, eating good food, and exploring the oceans and forests in Nor-Cal. They moved more times together than years they’d been together but, anywhere together feels like home.

2020 brought challenges for everyone, but is also brought a particularly scary one for these two. It was that year that Lawerence required emergency heart surgery. Following this brought a special perspective. They learned to slow down and value the little things in life like learning to walk again, getting fresh air, and actually taking the time to make food themselves.

This session was just beautiful. Obviously their love and connection came through incredibly strong in the pictures. Also, location location location! Love that we ended up in Joshua Tree. Natalie and Lawrence picked their outfits to both compliment each other and their location- and I absolutely love when this happens! It’s something so important to consider before your shoot. This would be the perfect time to mention Lawrence’s bolo tie. And of course both of Natalie’s gorgeous dresses.

Okay, I’ll leave you with these sweet pictures below of these adventure buddies for life.

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