Jordan and Jason’s Sunny Session in San Diego

Jan 17, 2021

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Jordan and Jason were unique. I usually shoot engagements and weddings, yet these two have been married already for over 10 years. They have the marriage, the kids, the whole shebang! We spread this shoot over two locations. The first was one of my secret spots and the second was the cliffs of Torrey Pines. They were an absolute joy to work with- easy going and fun. It was clear they’d been together forever, but at the same time their love was still fresh.

Jordan shared some words with me in regards to her children that I would like to now share with you, “I hope one day when they look back they’ll see two imperfect humans who were very in love, with each other and with the family they created. I want them to know even though being parents was of the utmost importance, we were other things too. Like a guy and a girl- a girl who loved photos and a guy who was willing to take them with her. “

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