Keira & Chris’s Desert Engagement Session in Jacumba

Feb 18, 2021

desertbornstudios - Jacumba-engagement_-220_websize.jpg

Keira and Chris were like a breath of fresh air. They’ve been together for seven years which I could totally feel by their connection, however their love was still fresh like they had just started dating. 

Planning their session was a lot of fun. A lot of thought and intentionality went into it. Jacumba is a special place for them. It hold lots of meaning, adventure, and exploration. It’s like “traveling in a space-time vortex- between the desert tower, train graveyard and UFO repair shop. The stunning stone fireplace and chimney of a hotel that burned down decades ago stands out against the otherwise unremarkable roadside. Jacumba has all the elements of a magical adventure story and now it is a part of theirs.”

Not only was the location well thought out, but so were their outfits. The outfits and location meshed so well together and created a well rounded shoot! They went for an earthy, boho vibe and it oozes from every picture! So, pro-tip: when dressing for your session take into account your location.

  1. Sharee says:

    Wow, this desert engagement session is absolutely gorgeous! I’m obsessed with her outfit choice too!

  2. Sienna says:

    What a neat place; loving those desert vibes! These two look so in love, and Jacumba is definitely worth exploring!

  3. Shannon Durazo says:

    What a cool location! Loving the bold reds and blues popping against the earthy tones. Beautifully captured!

  4. AMY ISACSON says:

    Lady, you nailed these!! What an incredible range of shots you got – I LOVE the locations. Sheeesh! My favorite is the close-ups of their faces with the wind blowing their hair, with her in that amazing red dress. BRAVO!!

  5. Christie Abascal says:

    What a gorgeous shoot! I am obsessed with the last set and how her red dress pops with the landscape—perfection! Love the editing and location. Great work!

  6. Emmy says:

    Wow so stunning desert shoot! Their love is so radiant, you did a wonderful job capturing it!

  7. angela hays says:

    WOW. This couple, this location, the mood change with the sun, that last image that blew me away. Nice work. Loved this so much. And what a cool location!

  8. Nicole Daacke says:

    These are such beautiful photos! I love her dress with the landscape that you guys were in, beautiful work!

  9. Emily says:

    How sweet they are omg beautiful moments!

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