Josh and John’s Charming Wedding in Pasadena

Feb 10, 2021

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I almost always get to meet up with my couples before their wedding, and even though I didn’t get to with Josh and John, after our phone calls I already knew they were awesome! Josh and I talked all about the vibe that he was going for, what they did want, and what they didn’t. Through these calls we really hammered out a great plan and common understanding.

Josh and John got married in October in a family friend’s backyard in Pasadena.  I pulled up to this charming yellow and green house on quaint street lined with trees. This was the moment I thought to myself, “yea backyard covid friendly weddings are alright!” Silver lining to this covid shaped cloud. Their sweet ceremony was officiated by Josh’s brother (such a fun character- make sure to scroll to the bottle to see his personality shine!). This was followed by a champagne and meat and cheese hour. This was just darling! It was all the people they love the most, gathered together and sharing their affection for these two. After this, we all drove over to West Lake to this little Italian restaurant that smelled heavenly! These two sweethearts even made sure I had a dinner to take home and a glass of wine when I was done. In West Lake we ran around this little plaza by the water snapping portraits. It was so clear how much these two adored each other- they were just full of smiles and love!!

  1. So fun loving and gorgeous! Such an inspiration to see the ambience of their day!

  2. Ellyn Hodges says:

    Ahhh what a cute couple and a beautiful spot to get married! They looked so happy (:

  3. There is so much joy and warmth in these photos. Great work on taking photos of the couple that represents them so well! I love the tones.

  4. David Tam says:

    What a lovely pair of grooms! They looked so happy to be celebrating their union. Also, their wedding arch was so unique!! What a gorgeous set up!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I love all of these images so much!! Their happiness radiates throughout the entire series of images and made me happy just looking at them! You captured their day and love so beautifully. 🙂

  6. Lucy says:

    Ummm charming is right!! What a fun, cute day! That photo of them laughing by the boats is my favorite :)))

  7. Kat says:

    They are SO cute! I love their expressions. And the trumpet flowers in back of the altar….beautiful.

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