Lauren & Drew’s Sweet Engagement Session in Anza Borrego

May 7, 2021

desertbornstudios- engagement-Anzaboreggo_-144_websize.jpg

I have worked so hard to distinguish my style, desert and all! So when a couple seeks me out because they know they want desert vibes… well, let’s just say that I feel very accomplished in my branding! My go to desert is Joshua tree- of course. That being said, together we decided on Anza Borrego. Not my typical desert of choice but I do love to shoot there too. Occasionally, we get a ram sighting. And the plants- don’t get me started on the plants! The Ocotillo, agave, and in the spring- the wildflowers! 

So, my littlest assistant (yes, that would be my daughter, Addy) and I, hopped in the car and set out to Anza Borrego to meet up with Lauren and Drew. Upon arrival we set out to climb Rocky Mountain and played in the desert light until the sun set. We brought out all the fun moves like jumping across the road, cuddling on the rocks, etc.

Aaaand, next month these two cuties are getting married at this really cool wedding venue in Anaheim that I’ve been wanting to shoot at. So stay tuned, my friends!

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