Kristen and Daniel’s Spirited Engagement Session in Joshua Tree

Mar 26, 2021


So, we decided to do things a little different this week. It’s kinda fun sharing my couple’s take on our session. Hope you all enjoy!

From Kristen: We (Kristen and Daniel) met back in the heyday of food trucks! We were in line for The Grilled Cheese Truck and it was (at least!) an hour and a half long line! He was in front of me and made the first move by just chatting me up in line. I didn’t think much of the exchange just that he was really funny and was super keen on me having the best Grilled Cheese experience since it was my first time trying it. Luckily, Daniel was a super sleuthy internet guy and found me of Facebook after only knowing my first name. As everyone else would say, the rest is history!
Our engagement session was such a blast and well beyond our expectations! We were super nervous going into it mainly because what do with your body when taking photos?? (like what do you do with your hands!?!? How do people act natural?!? How do you not look “posed” or “stiff”) Sara was beyond amazing, personable, fun, down to earth, easy to talk to. (honestly, the best!) She made it feel so easy! She guided us the whole way and we instantly felt like we’ve known her for years. It was like exploring Joshua Tree with a fun friend who happens to have a camera. We really connected with her and she captured my favorite moments that I will cherish forever.
Wedding planning in Covid?!? Ummm… shoot me now. It’s a bit stressful especially for two super relaxed people. There’s a lot of moving parts but I’m excited to see it all come together. I can’t wait to see it unfold, have our family and friends together (safely), and just celebrate love! We’ll probably cry and dance and have 10 millions toasts! Best part, marrying my best friend.

From Daniel: Let’s say this first. I do not really like people.. I don’t particularly like taking photographs but getting married and making my fiancé smile are two of my top priorities. However, setting out to a far away Joshua Tree to take photographs to be used for invitations and such didn’t seem like it was that big of a deal, and flexing my social anxiety also isn’t at the top of my list.
Luckily for me, Sara is awesome. We bumped in to her and her awesome crew by happenstance at a restaurant before our shoot which was the perfect opportunity to break the ice and for me to relax. We talked, we bonded, and we were led on our merry way after grabbing some absolutely awful coffee. The cup was awful, but we had great conversation, and an opportunity to bond over an obscure Norwegian coffee roaster.
Sara has an uncanny ability to bring out the joy in people and to capture that joy on camera. How a person can make a curmudgeon like me open up and smile is beyond words. She brought not only expertise, but the ability to make it all seem so professional yet so natural. We are lucky to have somebody so talented capture our moments together, and she is so accommodating, even if you have some… ahem… risqué suggestions.
Needless to say, she’s the best and I will fight anybody that disagrees.

From me: Well, there isn’t much more for me to tell since they covered it all so well. I just love how they talk about each other- it is so evident that each one is such a priority to the other. They were truly something special. They fit so well together and were so easy to shoot. Easy doesn’t quite capture the feeling- they were a joy, a breeze! They were fun- so, so fun. Their energy was absolutely contagious and they were so true to themselves. Kristen wrote above how nervous she was and I hear so many of clients share this feeling- but let me tell you, Kristen was a fricken natural! No stiffness, just their love and silly banter. Alsoooo, I totally appreciated their willingness to fulfill one of my shoot dream- can you guess what it is?? They got butt naked and ran around in the desert!! So make absolutely sure you scroll all the way down to see these cute butts frolicking in the desert under the beautiful sky!

  1. Jessica Kovach says:

    Love those double exposure images! Joshua Tree is so perfect for adventure/engagement sessions!

  2. Adriana says:

    Joshua Tree is so uniquely cool. I love their first outfit, these two are so cool!

  3. Jacqueline G says:

    I LOVE how you included words from the couple in your post! I feel like I know them now! You can totally see their fun and carefree attitudes in these photos, and those BARE BUTTS! Heck yes!! Fantastic job.

  4. Afton says:

    These are so fun and creative! I love your use of direct light in the afternoon. Also, that is for sure the best way to finish a session in the desert aha!

  5. Hannah Bishop says:

    So beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking session at Joshua Tree!

  6. Cassandra Oldenburg says:

    This couldn’t be any more amazing! This couple looks like they are having so much fun running around Joshua Tree for their engagement photos!

  7. Nicole Daacke says:

    This looks like such a fun session! Those last few photos of naked booties and the moon – SO GOOOD!!! What a fun couple!!

  8. Leah says:

    Gorgeous!! I love their outfits

  9. Clarissa Wylde says:

    Super fun J Tree session! You captured them so well. Love the double exposures!

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